Since I was young, I have loved Norse mythology. And I continue to love it - and I think part of the reason I love it so much is because there's so much room for movement. These are stories meant to touch others, so the characters take on new life depending on who is doing the telling; it is a mythology originally passed on through oral tradition. Variation is intended. The �canon� that we�re left with - the Poetic Edda, prose Edda, and various other manuscripts - is one written version of those stories; they are not the only versions, they are not unedited or without bias (particularly Christian bias, hello Baldr), and they are by no means complete. They disagree even with each other. Dozens of stories were lost over time. What I�m drawing is a story based on these, fleshing them out and molding them into something new, with one of Western mythology's most famous antiheroes as my protagonist. I�m not going to apologize for him, because, for all his excuse making and like the little shit he is, he wouldn�t apologize for himself. I intend to deliver to you a comic with three dimensional characters, something new crafted from something old, all subjected to my interpretation and understanding.

The stories I�m going to relate here, the stories I draw from, the characters I�m portraying, are things I�ve grown up with, studied, from a very young age. They are dear to me - I claim no disrespect, only creative license.

Those of you with complaints or questions can feel free to flood my ask box at tumblr, linked at the side. Anonymous questions are enabled.

And for a different kind of disclaimer: yes, this comic will feature sex, violence, profanity, drug consumption, and probably a myriad of other things. Would you expect anything less from a genderbending chaos god with animal offspring who spends his free time pissing off people ten times his size?

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When Animus Sleeps

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